Duratuff Vinyl Cladding  Duratuff Vinyl Cladding  Duratuff Vinyl Cladding


Duratuff is an attractive and cost effective option for your renovation or new home.  Featuring realistic woodgrain textures and attractive colours, the range replicates the classic appeal of cedar.

Maintenance is as simple as the occasional clean - Duratuff is weather and impact resistant.

Duratuff Select premium vinyl cladding is manufactured to Australian Standards so you can be sure that the product you receive is of the highest quality and standard.  Testing includes:

  • colour retention
  • weather impact
  • extremes of temperature (to handle Australian conditions)

Using a unique 'windlock' locking system, Duratuff is available in a range of profiles.  Choose from 8 standard colours or 5 vibrant options from the "Colorscapes" collection.  The CFC free solid foam thermal insulation built into the cladding ensures your home is warm in winter, cool and summer and that noise levels are kept at comfortable levels.

Created using a "colour-through" process which hides scratches and retains the appearance of the product, Duratuff Cladding is the obvious choice.

All cladding is UV - resistant.  It resists fading and staining through the use of a protective top coat and colour fast thermoplastic.

Duratuff comes with a 50 year warranty covering hail damage plus replacement materials and labour.

Standard Colours:

Colorscapes Colours:

Standard Colours - White Standard Colours - Linen Colorscapes Colours - Sage
White Linen Sage
Standard Colours - Beige Standard Colours - Wicker Colorscapes Colours - Pebble Clay
Beige Wicker Pebble Clay
Standard Colours - Heather Standard Colours - Sand Colorscapes Colours - Mountain Blue
Heather Sand Mountain Blue
Standard Colours - Soft Maple Standard Colours - Sterling Colorscapes Colours - Cypress
Salt Maple Sterling Cypress
    Colorscapes Colours - Sunflower
Colours are representations only Sunflower

The Tuff Test:

When you install Duratuff vinyl cladding you are not only giving your home the best possible protection against the harsh Australian climate, you are also making your home more attractive and increasing its value.

Before you choose cladding, apply the Tuff Test...


Q: Does the cladding permanently lock out the weather?

A: Duratuff Vinyl Cladding's unique locking system guarantees total weather protection against wild winds and driving rain. That's total security against the elements.


Q: Is the cladding genuinely maintenance free?

A: Once it's up, the only maintenance Duratuff cladding requires is an occasional hose down. Duratuff is there for life! In fact it's guaranteed in writing for 50 years.


Q: Do you have an exciting choice of colours?

A: Duratuff cladding offers you a range of permanent colours like never before. So now your home can take on a decorator look outside as well as inside.


Q: Is it crush resistant... impact resistant... accident resistant?

A: Duratuff certainly is! So the odd bump and bang won't crack, split or damage the tough vinyl surface.


Q: Does the cladding meet the highest Australian Standards?

A: The Owens Corning solid vinyl weatherboards in Duratuff cladding meet every test under Australian Standard AS/NZS 4256.4.  This is your highest guarantee of a quality product.