Fielders Centenary

... good looks, flexibility, style and durability.

Patios, Carports and Verandahs - The Fielders Centenary range grew from research into better design and applications of steel in patios, carports and verandahs.  Being one of Fielders showcase products, the Centenary team makes it a priority to ensure that all Fielders Centenary products manufactured comply with the strictest quality standards.

A fielders centenary attached or freestanding patio, carport, pergola or verandah is the perfect finishing touch to your home.

Sturdy yet stylish, the Fieldes Centenary range will add value and living space to your home - whether as a sheltered outdoor area for family and friends, for special entertaining occasions, or covered protection for your car, a Fielders Centenary patio, carport or verandah can bring the inside out.

The Fielders Centenary range of home improvements includes the most advanced designs available today.  It is a range that has all the desirable qualities homeowners want :

  • good looks, flexibility, style and durability
  • complete living
  • living and leisure
  • room to grow
  • family entertainment
  • built to last
  • relax and retreat
  • expand your outlook
  • bring the inside out
  • extend and enjoy
  • shade and protection
  • 20 year structural guarantee

Gable EndGable End - The Gable End patio, carport and verandah range is engineered for strength.  Furthermore the Gable End offers a first class, classic finish to your home and outdoor living area.


Hip RoofHip Roof - The Hip Roof patio, carport and verandah range remains as one of the most popular structures due to its clean lines and timeless shapes.  The Hip Roof structure can be used in homes of all shapes and sizes.


Dutch GableDutch Gable - The Dutch Gable patio, carport and verandah range is a very popular addition to homes.  It combines the style of the Gable End with a Hip Roof.  The Dutch Gable can blend seamlessly into any new home to provide a great new outdoor area to live and laugh.


Flat RoofFlat Roof - The Flat Roof patio, carport and verandah range is a stylish and attractive addition to any home.  It can be incorporated into almost any home and provides a simple, clean cut finish in your choice of colours.


Custom DesignedCustom Design - The Custom Designed patio, carport and verandah range recognized the importance of design flexibility.  Thus is you have your own creative idea for your outdoor area, you can make your dream a reality with a custom built structure... only limited by your imagination.

FreespanFreespan - The Freespan patio, carport and verandah range is an exciting new product that provides a cleaner finish by using less structural components.  This is especially useful for covering large outdoor areas from the elements.

Skillion DesignSkillion Design - The Skillion patio, carport and verandah range is also a new design to complement our flexible product range.  The Skillion provides a simple, sturdy finish to your home and is available in our wide range of colours.

Pitched RoofPitched Roof - The Pitched Roof patio, carport and verandah range combines the beauty and style of a Flat Roof with the classic looks of a Gable End.  The Pitched Roof is the ideal way to make sure your home is the envy of all your neighbours.

GazeboGazebo - The Gazebo patio, carport and verandah range provides an attractive finish and can be used to create a unique outdoor living experience.  The Gazebo is a classic look that can be attached or freestanding.

CurvedCurved - The Curved patio, carport and verandah range can provide that special touch.  Create the ultimate outdoor room with clean, sweeping curves that are sure to impress.  The Curved structure is fast becoming a favourite in many Australian yards.

Insulated PanelInsulated Panel - The Insulated Panel patio, carport and verandah range can provide extra protection.  The harsh Australian sun can hinder many people's options in terms of outdoor living, however with the brilliant Insulated Panels in the structure, all Australians can enjoy the great outdoors.

With BlindsWith Blinds - The With Blinds range adds function and style.  Hard wearing and versatile, outdoor blinds are the perfect compliment to your carport, patio or verandah.

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